What’s New in SD Online

2021 at SMART DOGS is off to a great start thanks to awesome new & returning students👍🐾🎉  It is wonderful to be back back in sessions. My 5 years overdue decompression break served me very well. ☮️💗

I have loads of training & behavior content to share with you.  Learning in the form of training videos, reading / articles, programs to launch to help you set & reach goals, and more classes, workshops & events to somehow fit on the calendar.

As a starting point here are a few new things in SMART DOGS Online.

1) Private Blog, content for students only.  When you’re logged in you’ll see “private/students only” in the menu option under Blogs.  Additional content to come.  To receive email notification when a new post is added you can subscribe.

I’ll also be adding content to the public blog, PlumwoodPosse.com but those posts will be on a range of topics about Life on Plumwood – straw bale gardening, photography, catios, non-SMART DOGS projects, life 😊, etc.  Yes, you can subscribe to that blog, too.

2) Private Forums for students. I revived forums, I like them. They’re organized.  Key for teaching, learning, and success. And sanity. Some of you may recall we used them 6 or so years ago. I enjoyed the learning and discussions we had there.

Some  forums e.g., Rally, require enrollment in a specific class, others e.g., Announcements are open to all students and/or alums. To receive email notification when new content posts, you can subscribe to a forum.  You can also subscribe to just a particular topic. Hope to see you there thinking, sharing, learning. 🤔

Social media has some benefits but control of content/IP not one of them.  I also find social media is not so conducive to focused, thoughtful learning.

My hope is the SD blogs and forums are conducive to your focused, thoughtful learning.🤔

Happy 2021 and Thanks for being part of SMART DOGS 🐾🙏

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