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Located in Van Buren, Arkansas, SMART DOGS is the creation of owner Mary A. Gilbreth, Ph.D., Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) and Certified Holistic Life Coach (CHLC).  Committed to education & excellence, Mary was the first trainer in the state of Arkansas to earn a CPDT and has brought numerous other firsts to the people & dogs of AR.  A Specialist in modifying & preventing aggressive and fearful behavior, Mary is well-versed in canine and human behavior, relationships, training, wellness & nutrition.  Mary is an avid clicker and positive reinforcement trainer and teaches a wide range of topics, activities & dog sports to her students  and the Plumwood Posse – her dogs and cat.  Through education, behavior change and a whole lot of fun, Mary promotes better behavior at both ends of the leash.

I am so happy I found Mary/SMART DOGS last year…I have an exceptionally exuberant Labrador Retriever that loved to bark at me (which is loud and stressed me out) and Mary has worked consistently and patiently to show me how to reduce his barking and get the desired behavior that I need from him.  I can now run agility, play ball, daily life, etc… and enjoy it and I use what I learned to apply to my other dogs too.  My 5 dogs and I are calmer and happier and we look forward to our training days at SMART DOGS.

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347 W. Plumwood Road Van Buren, AR - 72956

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*NOTE* due to family medical, *EMAIL* is the way to reach me at this time. Thanks for your support & understanding.