Like & Calm – Brushing

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2 thoughts on “Like & Calm – Brushing”

  1. We messed up with brushing and bathing. Yuki has gotten better, but still squirms and bites the brush. He is mostly calm as long as he is hungry and treats are in his face.

    With the bath we again rushed it. Needs lots of work on this.

    • yes, when we rush & “get greedy” we pay for it. in general life and in dog training 🙂 fortunately now you know it’s very easy to create like & calm and you can do this for all new things with Yuki. and rather than using the food treats to “try to keep dog distracted” which has limited mileage, we use the food treats to reinforce a longer and longer duration calm, pleasant behavior (whether being brushed or bathed or nail trims, or ear inspection, etc). this allows us to moves forward and typically quite quickly.

      for counter-conditioning brushing, goal 1 could be touch dog’s body with brush, no stroking, CT. increase time to several seconds. goal 2 introduce brush strokes, 1 stroke at time starting with 1 stroke, CT. etc.

      for bathing goal 1 could be teach dog to enjoy standing on rubber mat in tub – no water, no bathing yet. goal 2 could be begin to turn on the water, increase length of time water is running. think big start small. goal 3 could be small amount of water poured on dog’s paw, etc.

      keep us posted on your progress!

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