What is Rally?

Rally is a fun, engaging and practical obedience-based Dog Sport.  Rally can be practiced anywhere – your living room, backyard, out on a walk, etc.

Rally breathes life into your foundation level Sits, Downs & Stays and will also introduce you to heeling in addition to many other new & useful skills. The upper levels of Rally include right side heeling, jumps, retrieves, send outs, distance work, pivots, tricks, and more.

Rally is performed as a Course.  Each Course has a Start, a Finish and many Stations in between.  A Station is essentially a behavior sequence, you & your dog perform the behavior sequence indicated on the Sign.  The number of stations on a course increases as you progress your way up the levels of Rally.  Beginner courses have 10-12 stations.

There are now many Rally Organizations.  At present in my classes we focus on Cyber Rally O (CRO) because it’s a good introduction to Dog Sports for most people.

CRO has 5 Levels. The skills and challenge increase with each Level. True for any Dog Sport, to earn a Title you must earn 3 Qualifying Scores (aka Qs or Legs), each Q on a different Course.

Starting at CRO Level 2 you have a fun choice to make: enter the Traditional Division or Performance Division?

CRO Traditional Division – dog will work on only one side of you.  It may be your left or your right, your choice.

CRO Performance Division – you & your dog will transition during the course meaning the dog works on your LEFT side but will also work on your RIGHT SIDE.  Very fun for human and dog, and I encourage Performance Division to all SD Students.

To date, SMART DOGS’ Rally Team holds over 40 Rally Titles: 13 in AKC Rally and 28 in CRO.

Click here for partial playlist of SMART DOGS’ AKC Rally Runs on youtube.

Click here for partial playlist of SMART DOGS’ CRO Rally Runs on youtube.

Click here to download a pdf of Cyber Rally O Level I Descriptions.

Click here to download a pdf of CRO Rally Rules and Guidelines.

Cyber Rally O (CRO) is one of the many Virtual Dog Sports meaning you enter Trials and earn Titles by video.  As fun as it is to travel and experience Dog Shows/Trials with your dog, the luxury of saving time and saving money are also very nice.

Virtual Dog Sports are very budget-friendly since there are no hotel fees, travel fees, fuel fees, etc.  They are also great for folks with travel constraints.

Lastly, Virtual Dog Sports are the perfect pairing for people and/or dogs uncomfortable in crowded, highly stimulating places like a dog show.

I hope you & your dog will try Rally, I’m certain you’ll enjoy & learn much. 💗🐾

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