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SIT – do not take sit for granted. GROW & MAINTAIN beautiful, strong, joyful behavior, and clear understanding of the cue.  If you currently point at or push on dog’s rear for sit you’ll learn to eliminate those. You’ll also learn which situations are better suited for FOUR ON FLOOR (e.g., harnessing, greetings & interactions) and in which situations you want to cue a SIT.     

PLACE – place aka “stationing” is a beautiful life skill.  When place is properly trained your dog will love it When place is properly trained  it helps creates situation of success and therefore bypass a long list of undesired physical & emotional behaviors. When place is properly trained it conditions a strong, content, focused emotional state.  Content = calm. 

DOWN – maintain a nice tall posture when cueing down.  No bending at the waist.  If you’re currently luring or bending over to cue a down, you’ll learn to eliminate those.

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