Congratulations Pearl CHW level 1!

SO HAPPY for Pearl, we passed Progress Level 1 in Canine Hoopers World!

THANK YOU PEARL, my heart & brain needed this, I know yours did, too.

Pearl (aka Jan) has been waiting, waiting, WAITING on back-burner for 6+ months while literally ALL my energy & time have gone to behavior modification with new Plumwood Posse member Starry Night (aka Marcia).

Starry’s existence prior to joining us was confusion, anxiety, fear, reactivity, aggression. For 6+ months, growing Starry’s behavioral repertoire, giving her quality of life, and integration into the Posse – 5 dogs 1 cat – has been and remains my top priority.

So, instead of our MUCH LOVED sports & fitness, Pearl and the rest of the Posse have been helping Starry & me in behavior modification sessions. Methods include Construction Aggression Treatment (CAT) and Constructional Affection (CAFF).

And of course that’s on top of a full teaching load at SMART DOGS. On the many days my brain is drained after behavior modification sessions with students, or my teaching schedule simply doesn’t permit the time, Starry & I focus on life skills including fitness. All of these are required for a happy healthy balanced dog, i.e., quality of life.

We’ve travelled far with more to go but for now a small exhale and a few minutes a day to return to Cyber Rally-O & Canine Hoopers Agility! And it’s onto Level 2 for Pearl!

Need help with your dog and life skills, behavior modification, fitness or sports? Options include in-person and zoom. Now filling late summer sessions, FMI see SMART DOGS website.

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