Congrats Shanna & Moro!

Congratulations to Shanna & Moro P-CRO-III on earning their first qualifying run in Level 4 Performance Division Cyber Rally-O!

Upper level courses are long and challenging but that’s what adds to the thrill and learning. While these two make it appear effortless, don’t be fooled. They didn’t arrive at this level of training by chance nor trying to “wing it”.

Shanna is a student who fully understands that the small things are the big things. She understand the importance of perfecting her skills so Moro can succeed & shine. She ensures her lifestyle and training are saturated with the fundamentals of trust, two-way communication, R+ and CER “like”.

Way to go Shanna & Moro, lovely training, lovely performance!

Interested in Rally? Join us for in-person sessions. For our long distance learners or those who prefer virtual learning, 100% online options coming in 2022.

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