Counterconditioning – Car

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4 thoughts on “Counterconditioning – Car”

  1. Fortunately Yuki, showed little anxiety when riding in car. Most noteworthy sign we noticed is that he wanted to stand on the back seat with front feat on the console. Now he rides up front in the passengers lap where he would look out the window or nap. Or one of us will ride in the back seat with him where he will sit on our lap and look out or nap, sometimes he will lay in back seat to nap, On longer road trips, we usually put him in his cage and make a point to stop about every hour so he can stretch his legs, potty, and play for about 15 minutes.

  2. Fortunately Chariot gets to the car and loads just fine. I’ve noticed its when the car is in motion that she begins to want to stand like Yuki with back legs on the back seat and remainder of body on the console between the front seats. When in motion she also begins to yawn loudly and pace from window to window in the backseat. She has to be given treat after treat to continue sitting in the backseat. She has also started howling when we get off the interstate to take my son to school and then when we get there I role up the window b/c she aggressively barks at the people who might be standing outside ( which we know she isn’t mean ).

    • hi smchariot, great Chariot gets in car fine, she certainly looked fine upon arrival at class. until we’ve begun counter-conditioning her stress of new people (eg, here in proximity to car) riding to school could be shelved as a future goal. we don’t want to subject her to situations where she feels trapped and is “pushed” past threshold. not only because of the aggressive display but also b/c you lose her trust by doing so. we can in person, how you can begin to plan & utilize these types of situations as training opportunities instead of stress situations.

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