15.4 Place with 2 or More dogs

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Place with 2 or More Dogs

Teaching your dog to Relax and Wait is a crucial Life Skill

For those of you living with 2 or more dogs, after you’ve taught the “place” skill to EACH dog INDIVIDUALLY and have some duration and some distraction you may begin to combine 2 dogs, then 3 dogs, etc.

Regardless of the number of dogs in your home, this skill is crucial for a Low-stress and Harmony.

“Murry (golden doodle) is the only ‘official’ graduate of Smart Dogs.  He also earned his CGC. We continue training daily. He is helping his pack practice “place” while I cook. The littlest one in front is my son’s puppy she is 5 months old.  This skill has been life changing for me in the kitchen. It is so much nicer cooking with them near me and not under me!!  This is one of daily skills that has helped the whole family.”

~ Donna Francis


Perhaps you’d like to do some training with one dog – the other dog(s) can now calmly wait his turn on a station/place instead of you putting him elsewhere in a crate, behind a baby gate, out in the yard, in another room, etc., all of which are management and certainly keep him out of your way but they do not teach him what to do.  Those far too often cause the “banished dog” much stress resulting in whining, barking, howling, scratching/pawing, etc.

Or perhaps you’re going to dremel nails or brush your dogs.  Great, the other dog(s) wait their turn on a station/place.  The list goes on. There are countless real-life situations where  your household of 2 or more dogs will benefit from everyone learning to “wait their turn.”

By teaching your dogs to “Wait Their Turn” do you realize the rock solid stay you are teaching the waiting dog(s)?!  🙂


Shown here is final stage Matwork/Place with the Posse.

In the background in each of these clips, you’ll see Posse dogs at their station/place waiting their turn. You’ll see SMART Dogs – Happy, Relaxed, Thinking, Patient Dogs.

NOTE:  Letting dogs compete for a thrown toy and otherwise stress each other is not recommended. The combination of high stress, excitement, and arousal create a volatile situation, recipe for aggression – in that instant or in the future.  Please do not feed this fire.  Instead, when you are throwing a toy for one dog, the other dog(s) will be reinforced for waiting their turn shown here by Posse.


Shown here is early stage Matwork/Place training with 2 SMART Puppies in-training, Akitas Bane and Sangria.

Chelsea opted to position the mats so the pups could not see each other.  This is not necessary but Chelsea opted for it to ensure success at this early stage.   Super work Chelsea, Bane & Sangria!


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