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Thanks for your interest in SMART DOGS. We teach better behavior to both ends of the leash.

ALL BREEDS, ALL AGES, ALL BEHAVIOR.  If you are ready to learn, then yes, absolutely I can help you. My 25+ years experience ranges from Early Puppy Development & Socialization; Prevention and Modification of Fear & Aggression; a variety of Dog Sports for improving confidence, backyard fun and for Titles (Agility, Dance & Freestyle, Obedience, Parkour, Rally, Tracking, Treibball); to numerous Certifications & Activities (e.g., Therapy Dog Evaluator, Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, Dog Sport Judge, Dog Scouts of America).  

WHERE YOUR LEARNING BEGINS: All new students at SMART DOGS begin in Life With Dogs, no exception. This small group class meets once a week for 1 hour and runs 8 weeks. Current Tuition $350 (or payment plan of 3 x $125) includes 24/7 access to SD’s Online Classroom*, Video Tutorials, Articles, Learning Groups, membership in SD’s private facebook group, and unlimited access to me by phone, text, & email for additional coaching between our weekly class sessions.  

*To maximize your learning, all Classes at SMART DOGS include online & in-person content.  I have used this highly beneficial teaching model for almost a decade. 

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN.  This class teaches crucial, positive reinforcement Life Skills to both ends of the leash.  More importantly, LIFE WITH DOGS teaches you, the human end of the leash, to truly understand & communicate your dog; how learning & behavior really work; and how to reap the benefits of a positive reinforcement lifestyle. We’ll sort fact from fiction, truth from folklore, sense from nonsense, remove labels & stereotypes.  

WHY? So you can maximize progress and maintain a safe, happy home. So you can avoid the all too common errors which damage the human-canine bond. So you can instead build strong, desired behavior and a healthy relationship with your dog. 


WAITING LIST & REGISTRATION.  ALL new student registrations are from our Waiting List click here to JOIN THE WAITING LIST.  Wait time ranges 2 to 6 months, not a new situation, it’s existed for over a decade. Students at SMART DOGS receive large amounts of personal attention, a must for learning and progress in any endeavor. Teaching includes time with students in weekly sessions as well as time with students between sessions in SD’s online classrooms, SD’s private facebook group, by text, email, phone, assessing student homework & video, answering questions, discussions, etc.

 Again, all new student registrations are from the Waiting Listclick here to JOIN THE LIST

While waiting you might visit SMART DOGS facebook page, website, youtube, Vimeo, or WordPress. Though social media not a top priority at this time, I do post as time allows.

For those who recently adopted puppies or dogs, Congratulations on your new family member & canine companion!  NOTE, dog parks & daycares are not appropriate socialization environments for young puppies, nor for newly adopted canine family members, nor for any dog who isn’t 100% comfortable around people and/or dogs.

If you have questions not answered above let me know

I look forward to teaching you & your dog and Bringing out YOUR BEST Behavior.

Mary A Gilbreth PhD CPDT CHLC

Certified Professional Dog Trainer
Certified Stress Management & Holistic Life Coach

SMART DOGS Training & Behavior
Better Behavior at BOTH Ends of the Leash

Association of Animal Behavior Professionals
Association of Professional Dog Trainers
Judge – CRO Rally Obedience
Judge – CRO Dance Division
Therapy Dog Evaluator
Truly Dog-Friendly Approved Trainer
TAGteach International
Doggone Safe Dog Bite Prevention
Dog Scouts of America
Evaluator – AKC Canine Good Citizen & STAR Puppy Programs
Operation Socialization Certified Trainer