To earn a Video Badge simply submit 3 Training Videos, each featuring a single skill/topic you’re learning in class, each showing 3-5 repetitions of that skill/topic, each approximately 30 seconds -2 minutes duration depending on the skill you’re showing.  Any questions just ask.  

You and your dog must both be fully visible in the videos,

The 3 videos may feature the same skill/topic, or they may each feature a different skill/topic. 

The videos may be submitted at one time as a set of three videos, or singly as you complete each one. You’re responsible for letting me know when you’ve submitted the required three.

To submit your video either:

1) upload it as an unlisted video to youtube, vimeo or other video hosting service then send me the link (preferred method),


2) send the video directly to me by email or text.

Look forward to seeing you in video!  Let me know if you have any questions.


3 Steps

  1. Video #1
  2. Video #2
  3. Video #3

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