Self Assess

To earn a Self Assessment Badge, simply submit 1 Training Video showing at least 4-6 repetitions of a single skill/topic you’re learning in class.  You and your dog will both be fully visible in the video.

In addition to the video, EMAIL me a Self-Assessment in the form of a brief but specific bullet point list:

i) 1-3 things you did well 
e.g., treat handling, treat delivery, proper distraction level for present stage of training, great energy, communication, etc.

ii) 1-3 things you need to improve
e.g., need to improve my timing, need to breath and think – my energy is stressful; need to click more frequently – rate of reinforcement is too low; need to use better reinforcer – value of treat in this situation is too low, etc.

iii) 1-3 things you learned about your dog
e.g., he’s trying really hard to figure out what I want; he’s shutting down due to my energy/stress; he’s stress fidgeting due to my energy/stress; he lacks trust / confidence in the situation and / or in me, etc.

*OPTIONAL*  1-3 things you learned about yourself

To submit your video either:

A) upload it as an UNLISTED video to youtube, vimeo or other video hosting service then email me the link (preferred method),


B) send the video directly to me by email or text.

Have fun with your dog!  Any questions let me know.

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