Your dogs & I thank you for the time & energy you’ve invested in your learning. 🙏💗🐕 Progress in any endeavor is a direct reflection of your learning. Reminder, until your behavior has changed you cannot say you’ve learned.

For those interested in continued learning at SMART DOGS, options for Summer 2021 are below.

IN-PERSON Sessions


Sessions resume WED-SUN, AUG 4-8, run 7 consecutive weeks ending Sept 19.  


Whether your goal is improving your Foundation / Life With Dogs skills (including training toward possible Therapy Dog work) or learning Fitness & Dog Sport skills the next class will help you move closer to that goal. 

In the next class we’ll refine & expand your Life With Dogs (foundation) skills and add new Canine Conditioning / Fitness & DogSport skills.  These will be at introductory, continuing or advanced level depending on your current skill level, emphasis human. 

RE RALLY – if you began sequencing Rally stations in a previous Fitness & DogSports class, your tuition includes setup and video for 1 Rally Entry when we agree you’re ready to trial, dates TBD.
RE TENSION, FEAR, OVER AROUSAL, EXCITEMENT BARKING triggered by dogs & people, each of your sessions include opportunity to continue practicing your counter-conditioning skills under my guidance. Your supportive classmates will assist as training aids.


Scheduling is the hard part due to schedule conflicts and also grouping you by skill level, emphasis human. If you’re currently enrolled in a continuing class you’ll be given priority.
LMK if you’re flexible and thank you in advance. 
Tell me your top 4-5 choices OR the blocks you’re unavailable.  
WED pm (start Aug 4, options 5:30pm, 6:45pm & 8:00pm)
THURS pm (start Aug 5, options 5:30pm, 6:45pm & 8:00pm)
FRI pm (start Aug 6, options 5:30pm, 6:45pm & 8:00pm)
SAT block 1 (start times between 10am – 1pm)
SAT block 2 (start times between 2pm – 5pm)
SAT block 3 (start times between 6pm – 8pm)
SUN block 1 (start times between 10am – 1pm)
SUN block 2 (start times between 2pm – 5pm)
SUN block 3 (start times between 6pm – 8pm)


$325* includes –
  • 7 in-person sessions
  • 24/7  access to SD Online Classroom 
  • 24/7 access to growing body of posts in SD Private Blog
  • Assessment & Coaching comments on up to 3 video clips a week on class homework topics. Each clip 30-60 seconds duration, both human & dog in frame. 1 clip may be shared privately with me. Remaining clips shared with SD Community (not the public) in SD Online or SD private fb group
  • Unlimited access to me by email, text and in SD online
  • Rally folks – course setup, video & coaching comments for 1 Rally Entry / Trial 
  • Special bonus 🤫 🎉
$75 deposit (non-refundable, non-transferrable on/after July 08, 2021) will secure your place.
Remaining tuition due by 4th week of class / August 26, 2021. 
*Additional $75 tuition for those approved for Double Dog, i.e., bringing 2 dogs at same time. 


At your earliest convenience and if possible by July 8, text or email me your top 4-5 choices OR the blocks you’re unavailable.  Or LMK if you’re flexible and thank you in advance. 


If you’re comfortable paying a deposit prior to the schedule solidifying, click here to pay online ($75 deposit or $325 in full) SMART DOGS’ PayPal account or you may mail a check payable to SMART DOGS (347 W. Plumwood Road Van Buren, AR 72956).  
Once all replies are in, I’ll follow up with a draft schedule for your approval.
To assist in preparing the schedule please reply by July 07. 
Any Qs LMK by text, email or post a comment below (SD online classroom login required).



Sessions available starting Aug 01, 2021.  Details will post soon.


Memberships available starting Aug 01, 2021. This option provides self-study access to SMART DOGS Online – Classrooms and Private Blog.  You’ll review, study, practice, self-assess on your own schedule.  Assessment & Coaching may be added as needed.   Details will post soon.

Whether at SMART DOGS or on your own,
I hope you’ll continue to learn, practice & enjoy Life With Dogs 🐕💗☮️


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