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SMART DOGS’ Mission is to Help You:

Establish & Maintain Leadership, Understand & Motivate Your Dog, Improve your Relationship with your Dog, and Transform your Dog into a Successful, Motivated And Reliably Trained Companion & Family Member!   


SMART DOGS believes owning a Dog should be a source of Enjoyment & Fun.  A Reliably Trained Dog is a Pleasure - a Confident, Playful, well-Behaved Companion in the home and in public.  Compare this to the life of an untrained or improperly trained dog - full of stress & frustration not only for the owner but also for the dog.  An untrained dog doesn’t go on many walks, meet many new people or go to public places - he drags his owner around by the leash, he jumps on people, doesn’t come when called, is distracted by everything in the environment, and his stress might even cause him to lunge and bark at other dogs or people.  Lack of Exercise, lack of Socialization, and lack of Self-Control create a stressed, frustrated dog, which creates a stressed, frustrated owner.  SMART DOGS can help replace the stress & frustration with Enjoyment & Fun. 

SMART DOGS wants to help you avoid making mistakes with your dog.  Far too often, dog owners with good intentions unknowingly make mistakes by following inaccurate and/or outdated information believing they are doing the best thing for their situation.  With all the circulating information from dog training books & articles, dog-related/dog-based businesses, TV and radio shows, and fellow dog owners, how is a dog owner to know which information is appropriate?  Without guidance, how is a dog owner to know if the information will provide him with Leadership and Improve his situation, or if the information will Damage his Leadership and make things worse?  

Usually by finding out the hard way - after spending more time and energy, experiencing more stress and frustration, and at the expense of Man’s Best Friend
SMART DOGS will help you avoid making mistakes with your Dog and provide you with accurate, up-to-date information best suited for improving your situation.


SMART DOGS understands Canine Behavior as well as Behavior Analysis, Behavior Modification, Operant Conditioning and Classical Conditioning – the science behind dog trainingSMART DOGS recognizes the importance of Continuing Education and actively participates in and enjoys a wide variety of national and international dog training and behavior seminars/classes/workshops/camps, and a wide range of training & behavior books/articles.  

SMART DOGS’ methods are Force-Free, Positive Reinforcement-Based Methods which: 

1.  are Effective, Reliable & Fun, 

2.  Build Leadership, Motivation & Trust,

3.  Maximize the Relationship between Owner & Dog,

4.  are Suitable for a wide range of People - Adults, Teens, Children, Seniors,  
     Physically challenged and/or Disabled individuals, and 

5. are Suitable for All Dogs - Puppies
, Adolescents, Adults, Seniors, Shy Dogs, Fiesty 
    Fidos, Reactive Rovers and Cautious Canines, regardless of the Dog’s Breed or Age.

While we may vary our training strategy and our training method(s) as necessary in order to best match the learning styles & personalities of You and Your Dog, SMART DOGS Training Methods are Always Force-Free, Reward-based / Positive Reinforcement-Based Methods. 


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