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SMART DOGS - Testimonials
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SMART DOGS is proud to be recommended by many Animal Care Professionals and Rescue Foundations including the following:

Broadfoot Veterinary Clinic
*                  Alma Animal Clinic *
           Dr. PJ Broadfoot                                       Dr. Carl Green
6509 Alma Highway                                   1915 E. Hwy 64
           Van Buren, AR - 72956                              Alma, AR - 72921
           479.632.2256                                           479.430.7280

Blessed Pets Grooming Salon *                  Ahimsa Rescue Foundation
            Michael & Kelly Ray                                       P.O. Box 409
          128 Pointer Trail West                                 Muldrow, OK - 74948
          Van Buren, AR - 72956                     

           Mesa's Pet Resort                                Best Friends Pet Clinic
            Karen Beckman                                      Dr. Dorothy Preston
           34452 Caston School Road                       1820 Wheeler Ave
           Wister OK - 74966                                   Fort Smith, AR - 72901
           918.659.2418                                          479.782.8113


* These Businesses carry Pet Supplies and Quality Dog & Cat Food including Raw Meat Diets.  Please call them for more information.

* * * * *


Some SMART DOGS Clients would like to "Speak"...   (more coming soon)

"We LOVE SMART dogs and Mary!  She is one amazing woman!  I'm so thankful for her guidance and patience with me.  I'm also most grateful for the bond she taught me to nuture with my first sweet fur baby and now, another one!  I would recommend her to anyone with a dog!  I think we all can learn from her program and take something special away from it.  I'm looking forward to many more classes at SMART dogs and watching my dogs excel in all that we do!!"

                                                                       ~ Meagan Price & SMART Dog Atlas (and Daisy, too!)
                                                                           Basic Foundation
                                                                           Rally Obedience

"Something very special is happening at the SMART DOGS Training Center in Van Buren.  Mary Gilbreth, PhD, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, and SMART DOGS owner/principal trainer, has created a wonderfully safe and stress-free environment where dogs and their people can learn about each other, build their training skills, and have tons of fun while doing it!  As a dog training professional myself, I have first-hand experience with training centers and trainers throughout the country.  Unequivocally, SMART DOGS is one of the best, with an absolutely top-notch line-up of classes and programs, all presented with state-of-the-art, true positive reinforcement clicker training and a solid knowledge of how dogs – and people – learn effectively. 

To every aspect of her teaching, Mary adds her deep appreciation and understanding of a dog’s heart and soul.  Plus she gives the human end of the leash the same respect that she gives the dog.  I refer many people to SMART DOGS for training, and I also travel a long distance myself to bring my own dogs there to train.  It is worth every mile driven and dollar spent.  Mary has helped me sharpen my own training skills and to “see” my dogs more clearly as the amazing individuals they are.  I am extremely grateful for everything Mary has taught me, and my dogs Hannah and Jackson are equally grateful!  Thank you so much, Mary."

                                             ~ Deborah Grodecka, CDBC, CPDT & SMART Dogs Hannah VBS & Jackson
                                                Every Dog Can, Inc.,  Rogers, Arkansas
                                                SMART DOGS' Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Foundation, Special Topics & 
                                                Seminars, Rally Obedience, Agility, Private Sessions / Behavior Modification
                                                & Private Coaching

"Mikie is learning and having fun training.  We highly recommend SMART DOGS Dog Training."

                                                                  ~ Robbie Anderson Brock & SMART Dog Mikie RN
                                                                     Basic Pet Manners,
                                                                     Intermediate Manners,
                                                                     Rally Obedience,
                                                                     Therapy Dog in-training 
                                                                     SMART DOGS Rally Team Members


"FOR sure this is a MUST have!! I brought my 3 month old German Shepherd in because when I got her she was VERY unsocial~she would GO NUTS at anything that moved~seriously, I wish I would have taken video of our first night, you would be amazed at the progress we have made. SMART DOGS is great because it teaches YOU how to teach your dog!! This really works and it has made a difference in my life. I have 3 boys under 6 and Coraline will stay on her mat when I cook dinner, laundry, etc. I cannot say ENOUGH good things about how life changing this class is!" 

                                                                    ~ Johanna Miller & SMART Puppy Coraline
                                                                       Puppy Socialization & Basic Manners

Buddy - from scared and homeless to Brave and Beloved

"I am so thankful that I found Mary at SMART DOGS. My prayers were answered because I was desperate to find someone to help me with a rescued dog that had issues of fear and trauma.   
Thinking back to the day that we found "Buddy" on the interstate lying against his dead friend (my husband named him "Buddy" because of his loyalty to his friend), he was so afraid of my husband and the other rescuers, not to mention traumatized by losing his friend.  We were eventually able to capture Buddy and bring him home.  To my surprise, Buddy would still be afraid of me a few weeks after living with me and I had no idea of what to do.  Fortunately, I found Mary at SMART DOGS. 
Mary taught me how to gain Buddy's trust, with patience and plenty of love with never putting any pressure on him.  Always using a soft voice, clicker and treats, Buddy learned basic commands like sit, stay, come, get it, watch, and down.  And using the same method of training, he allowed me to put a collar and leash on him and then eventually Mary and I began to walk him down my street and in my neighborhood. 

She showed me how to handle situations that would come up, such as Buddy refusing to walk or if he experienced any other fear issues and how to handle them.   Also, she taught me how to crate train him (that also took a lot of patience because of his fear issues) by making it a Fun Game, again without putting any pressure on Buddy.    
Mary taught me how to socialize Buddy with new people and other dogs including my eight year old German Shepherd Chow mix Susie, who is uncomfortable meeting other dogs.  Mary taught me how to recognize what to look for when introducing them and observing body language that would indicate acceptance or not.  She taught me what to tell people about how to use their body language to help Buddy relax, and how to give Susie breaks at first so Buddy wouldn't cause her too much stress.  I thought Susie would not accept Buddy, but to my surprise she did and she LOVES her new "brother"!  
Mary also helped me introduce my two cats to Buddy and all the while watching their body language as well as his.  Again to my surprise, Buddy likes the Cats, and they like him! 
After a lot of patience and love, Buddy is doing very well and has accepted us as his family.  Thank you, Mary, for making this happen.  You worked hard and never gave up on him or me." 
                                  ~ Carole Hutton, Ft. Smith
                                     SMART DOGS’ Behavior Consultation & Private Lessons
                                     Buddy, Collie mix
                                     and Susie, GSD/Chow mix, and Cats Milo & Stinkerbelle 

* * * * *

Pam, Bill & Katja - Happy Together


"We acquired our Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Katja, in January, 2008. She was almost two years old at the time and we had some idea of the type of dog she was, but early on she displayed some aggressive tendencies that we really did not know how to deal with.  We had tried another trainer with limited results.     

I (Bill) observed Mary working with a dog at Creekmore Park one day, talked to her, and decided to give her a try. In only 4 sessions, Mary helped us to get most of Katja’s issues under control.

We are very pleased in the overall improvement we have seen in our dog.  It was more of a situation of Mary training us on how we should treat our dog.  The best part about Mary’s training is that it is based on GOOD behavior.  
To make a long story short, our dog has become closer to us using the techniques Mary has shown us.  We plan to continue on with Mary to take Katja to a higher level of Self-Control, Obedience/Manners, and Fun.  SMART DOGS has been and continues to be a good experience for our family."

                                 ~ Pam, Bill, and Hugh Scarbrough, Van Buren
                                    SMART DOGS’ Behavior Consultation & Private Lessons
                                    Katja, Polish Lowland Sheepdog


* * * * * 

           A focused Riley in a "Sit-Stay"       4 month old Bella shows her "Leave it" skills




*Update -  Bella is now an AKC Canine Good Citizen test and Toni, her new "sister", is an AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy!

"Mary has a genuine adoration for and connection with dogs that enables her to evaluate a situation and adjust her methods of training.  Armed with a wealth of knowledge and a willingness to share that knowledge, Mary was instrumental in helping us to secure a plan for canine nutrition, the management of canine seizures for our Lab with epilepsy, and tasks such as selecting leashes and crates.

SMART Dogs are a joy to take many different places: Festivals, Parks, and even trips to the Vet are a pleasure.  Shortly after completing SMART DOGS training with our 2 1/2 year old Chocolate Labrador Riley, we brought a new Yellow Labrador Puppy into our lives and home.  We were able to start training immediately without one moment of stress or frustration. 

At four months old Bella will: sit, automatic sit, down, stay, paw/high five, "leave it", "come", leash walk, "front"," line-up", retrieve and "watch".  To get Bella to this point it has taken only a few Fun minutes of SMART DOGS training a day!"

                                      ~ Tracy and Mitch Riley, Greenwood 
                                         SMART DOGS' Basic Manners
                                         Angel Riley, Chocolate Lab
                                         Bella, Yellow Lab Puppy

 * * * * *

John and Skye


"We have had many pets during our 33 yrs of marriage but they were mostly for the kids. We have always talked about having that special inside dog once we retire to keep us company. Next thing we knew and before we were really ready, a friend offered us a Cairn Terrier - she handed over a little ball of fur whom we named Skye.

Skye had basically been in the backyard with his sister for the first nine months of his life. He had received no human socialization (other than at meal times when he was fed) and cowered anytime humans came near him.  We had to coax him out of his crate each morning with a treat.  He also was not house-trained.  We decided if he was going to become the dream pet of our retirement years, we needed help. We contacted our Vet, Dr. Green of Alma Animal Clinic, and he recommended Mary.

Mary is all about effective, gentle and kind training.  She taught us a method of training that gets positive responses without raising your voice or using force.  Mary reduced the training down into small steps and gave us lessons to practice each week.  She was always available for special questions during the week by email or phone.  Thanks to Mary's expertise and patience, Skye has become a well mannered dog and a joy to spend time with." 


~ Pat and John Starks, Alma
   SMART DOGS' Basic Manners
Skye, Cairn Terrier           

* * * * *

 Holly and Mack



"I was so thrilled with the instruction Mary provided about how to train my Boxer and why he was or was not responding to some of the things I was doing. The time she spent with us was so valuable and I learned so much.

She went above and beyond to help me be a better dog owner; she really taught me why my dog responds the way he does. She truly cares about each dog and how she can help them be successful. A Successful Owner makes a Successful Dog, and I am very grateful to her!  She is great!" 


                                            ~ Holly Dickson, Sallisaw 
                                               SMART DOGS' Consultation
                                               Mack, Boxer



* * * * *

Happy Lucy


"SMART DOGS was a wonderful learning environment for me and my two year old Boxer, Lucy.  Mary showed me dog training can be FUN and a JOY!  It really is a bonding experience and a great way to spend time with your dog.  We especially enjoyed the last few lessons where we started working on Rally Obedience courses.

Before SMART DOGS training, Lucy used to get very stressed in new situations.  Since training Lucy at SMART DOGS, I have seen a change in her Behavior.  She is now more focused on me in new situations, and understands that I am her leader and will take care of her and the situation. 

As a result of SMART DOGS training, I am also more in tune to Lucy and I can watch her body language to understand when she is stressed. Not only has SMART DOGS helped me with Lucy but it has also helped me to understand other dogs and I now know how to react to friends' dogs when they appear to be stressed."
                                      ~ Nastassja Riley, Greenwood 
                                         SMART DOGS' Basic Manners 
                                         Lucy, Boxer


* * * * *

   ~ Proud Owners, SMART DOGS! ~


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